BOOKS – Enayetullah Khan


Bangabandhu – Epitome of A Nation


It is the persona of this man of history, of this moving force behind the emergence of the new history in our part of the world which Enayetullah Khan brings to bear in his defining work, Bangabandhu: Epitome of a Nation. To be sure, Khan is reiterating what we have always known about the nation’s founding father. And yet there is something about great men that impels one into endless journeys of discovery and the rediscovery of the small moments and the larger dimensions of their lives. It is these spaces which Khan explores in this truly admirable work on the Father of the Nation. There are reasons, compelling ones, why this work should be a rich addition to one’s library, indeed to libraries across the country. From one perspective, it is a pictorial representation of Bangabandhu’s life and career, images which have assumed the status of powerful icons in Bangladesh’s history.

Prolog (Fragments)

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- Enayetullah Khan